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Tuesday, September 27, 2005
Anaphora - To Adrian

Because of your smile
Because of the way you hold me
Because of how we feel just after we wake up

Because youíre selective
Because youíre intuitive about my feelings
Because youíre determined to make the most of yourself and your life

Because youíll understand
Because youíll always stand by me
Because youíll know what I mean even when I donít

Because you know me
Because you mean the world to me
Because you appreciate what we have together

Because I love you
Because I canít imagine life any other way
Because I feel more alive every day with you than I ever have before

Another writing workshop assignment by the phantom professor - Whole post found here.

An ďanaphora,Ē a poem in which almost every line begins with the same word. Typically, that word is a preposition: among, between, because, above, etc.

Your assignment this week: Write a short anaphora about someone you love or someone you hate. Do that same-word-first thing. Donít make the lines rhyme. Just make it good to read.

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Saturday, September 24, 2005
one thing I definitely need is a laptop

It's Saturday night.  I'm nannying.

Luckily for me, it's better than it was when I was 17 years old, babysitting and watching Tango and Cash on VHS.  Before they walked out the door to have a merry old time without their children, the parents turn to me "Do you want the internet for when you put them to bed?"

My face blanked out.  Is there a right answer to this?

"That's really sweet of you.  You don't have to."  But I think the hopeful look on my face gave me away.  So, I have internet to play with.  There is no tv.  I brought knitting, but there is blogging to be done!

There is also, unfortunately, a massive amount of writing to be done, and my documents are 13 blocks away, on the computer at home.  I spent the last hour perusing all of my friends blogs, to keep up with what everyone is up to.  Then I usually shift over to my second string - the blogs I love, but don't read on a daily, sometimes even weekly, basis.  One of my favourite blogs is the Phantom Professor.  She's linked in the sidebar.  She is really and truly an English Professor at a very highly recommended school in the states.  I just don't know which one.  But I'm sure she wouldn't be amused about the rate at which I tend to drop my capital letters.

I scrolled through her entire first page and read some anecdotes, participated in some word games and writing practices.  Fun stuff.  And I've actually assigned myself a project based on one of her posts.  I'm looking forward to posting my findings in a few weeks. 

But the most interesting find of the evening was the Ten Rules for Writing article.  I've been struggling lately with writing the novel, because I can't figure out which voice I want to use, or how I want to shove along the story.  I KNOW where it needs to go.  I know it WANTS to go there.  What I can't figure out is HOW to segue from point a to point b and have it make sense.

It's very frustrating knowing you have a story in your head that is just dying to be told, but you can't find the first sentence.  Or the first chapter.  Or when to shut up and just let the character walk around for a bit. 

However, I'm getting better with my dialogue, I do think.  In my own opinion, at least.  When I first started this story years ago, while I knew I had the right start, and the right sort of character - the dialogue was stale and stilted.  I have a better feel these days for the meter with which people speak to each other, it's what they SAY that I can't seem to get out. 

In the next week or two I'll post a snippet or two from what I'm writing.  If anything, I'd like your feedback on what you think of the people from the little bits you read.  In a way, this is kind of like a writing assignment, since I'm trying to avoid actually telling you about these people.

***edited to add:

You know I'm bored when I start cruising  It's a great quote database for the not easily offended.  nerds, geeks and coders talking nerdy smack.  but the best one I read today was:

MasterKayin: Dude, those Kamakazi pilots in WW2 were crazy...
MasterKayin: If they threw me in a plane and told me to go crash into something
MasterKayin: I'd just take off and go somewhere else
MasterKayin: Like on vacation or something along those lines
MasterKayin: I'd go to Hawaii
MasterKayin: Er... wait...

somehow, that's just damn funny to me.  call me callous, but I almost fell off the couch laughing.

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Friday, September 23, 2005
please can I get a cat?

I've been angling to get a cat, or a pet of some sort since we moved in. A pet makes a house a home. A messy home, but a home.

"Ooh! And this yarn! This yarn is called Angel. No wait, it's called Divine! See! It's so soft and cuddly and fluffy like a kitten!"

"You could knit yourself a pet with that!"

"Not funny"

"No, you could pet it and cuddle it and feed it and then wash it because it's not real and doesn't actually eat and then you could cuddle it some more!"


Posted at 05:02 pm by tokitikki
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