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Monday, October 17, 2005
and it only took about two years, really...

but it feels more like three. I've owned for twoyears now, as of september. I have finally got off my lazy arse and done something with it.

for your information: update your links.

new blog - clicky

new tokitikki designs merchant site: clicky

I'm still working on getting archives up and moved to the server, and working on getting the actual content pages up for the site, but there it is.

I won't be updating on blogdrive anymore. This is my final From now on I will join the legions of wordpress users, and can only be found at the above link. If you have me linked in some way, please update to the above address.

and if you're going to continue to stalk me - and believe me, I don't mind - you should update your addresses too, mmmk?

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