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Sunday, October 09, 2005
finally - the knitting profiled!

alrighty, since I promised it forever ago, here's what I've been up to. Click on the thumbnails to see larger pictures of the scarves. And just so you know, I'm still working on yet more. I have two sweater wraps in the works, and I'm almost done with another scarf. If you should happen to want to buy one from me, email me for more details.

Variegated purple, blue and lavender 100% Mohair - 4" wide, about 96" long, including 5" fringe. Light as a feather, and a million times warmer.

Self-striping (sort of) lemon yellow, light and dark greys. 100% Lambswool. 4" wide ribbed, 80" long. Very fun mens scarf, I think. Almost digital effect from the colours and the pattern.

Turquoise blue lace-effect. 100% Cotton jersey - 3" wide, 60" long. One of my favourites - always gets compliments, because it's just so...rare? Click for detail of pattern.

**My favourite, most of the time**
Soft Gold tone in stockinette stitch - Rayon, Lurex, Mohair, Cotton and Silk blend - several yarns used. Still one of the best I've done, just due to the colour choices and the way it feels on your skin. 3.5" wide, 50" long. Click for detail.

Felted pure Italian handpainted lambswool. Amazing colours. Reminds me of gelato. The yarn is super big and fluffy before felting. Felting is agitating it in hot water, to shrink it and 'mat' it a bit. Lots warmer and sturdier! 2" wide, 66" long.

Watercolours - handpainted 100% Mohair, in a smaller lace-effect pattern. Took flipping forever, I may never do another like this. So long I double wrap, then toss the ends through the middle loop. Yum! 3" wide, 82" long.

Softest! Navy and Olive Green 100% Baby Alpaca wool (softest baby lambs. so sad to make them nekkid, but fun for us. and it doesn't hurt them one bit). 3.5" wide, 65" long.

Last for this round, and certainly not least - my signature colour:

Rich, vibrant turquoise 100% Mohair, and silver lurex Very glam, I love this with a black outfit. 2.5" wide, 50" long.

Posted at 09:10 pm by tokitikki

October 9, 2005   10:21 PM PDT
do you plan on selling these, my dear, or are they for your own personal collection?
October 10, 2005   01:02 AM PDT
first things first - what the hell are you still doing up, missy? do you not open anymore?

and secondly, yes, they're for sale. I keep knitting more and more, and frankly, I have one or two that I love to wear, and that's it. I just like to make pretty things. that's all!
October 10, 2005   08:51 AM PDT
i'm digging that turquoise blue loose lace effect one. beautimous.

yes, i open at the shop still, but i've been closing more frequently since we've been so freaking shorthanded. i am the queen of double/split shifts.

yay for coffee!

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