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Friday, October 07, 2005
file under: "does not suck"

- variously, I work for (and subsequently have made friends with) a massage therapist, a yoga instructor, a restaurant entrepreneur, a lawyer, another lawyer, a very charming woman from London; and I met another woman today who thinks I'm fabulous and wants me to babysit. And she just moved here from Paris. You can almost smell the Seine on her.

Not really, thank god.

- variously, I work with (and subsequently have practically adopted) some very gorgeous and precocious children, including: a Montessori super-brain, a two year old with no obvious issues besides terrible two tantrums, and a Selectively Mute child who, after only two 'sessions' with me, thinks I'm awesome enough to talk to.

- Because all of these people rock, I love going to work. I love my job. I love going to work. I get to have the most fun out of all of you who read this site. And I get perks. Like, mahseev percentages off a massage, free yoga training, law advice when and if I should need it, and gossip from the other side of the pond. Also, when the restauranteur gets his digs up and running, I should have an in with a hip new site here in Yaletown. YUM!

- Because I set my own schedule and name my own hourly rate, I don't have to work nearly as hard as I did in the states as an admin. I mean, wiping snot, shit, puke and unidentified substances off children isn't NEARLY as stressful or taxing as dealing with a stick in the ass, stuffed shirt dickhead Vice-President whos-its at Bank of What-the-fuck-ever. Trust me, this job is so awesome.

- I love that some of these moms are actually asking me for advice. Granted, I've practically raised four, so yes, I do have about ten years of experience. Not to mention common sense. But I haven't popped out one of my own quite yet, so why ask me! Although I must say, I do tend to have 'a way' with the wee ones. They think I'm fun. Nutty, but fun.

- Overall, life over here does not suck. Our income fluctuates, and may yet never steady, but we think we have it pretty damn good.

*** And yoga is my new favourite drug. Holy doodle, I felt so good after an hour and a half I wanted to do it all over again. Turns out some of my favourite stretches to stretch and pop my back are yoga poses. Who knew?

Posted at 07:31 pm by tokitikki

October 8, 2005   06:29 AM PDT
yoga is so awesome.

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