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Thursday, October 06, 2005
yet another thursday rolls around...a litte more than half nekkid, I'd say

See, I know I've posted this picture before. But not for HNT. And frankly, when I posted it, it was merely to get the attention of someone...okay, well, to be honest, I posted it to get a reaction out of Adrian. way back when. and the reaction was simple.

"can't talk. still staring."

needless to say, that sufficed.

but really, I post it this time because it's a damn good picture of me, and my girlfriend hasn't seen it yet. Mona, this one (this time) is for you!

Posted at 12:44 am by tokitikki

October 6, 2005   01:51 AM PDT
omg. that photo just took my breath away... it's awesome!

i can understand the guy's reaction... my, i'm speechless myself!

happy hnt!
October 6, 2005   03:12 AM PDT
Wow! What a great pose! You go ahead and feel free to re-post anything else like this that you may have!!
October 6, 2005   04:52 AM PDT
Wow, beautiful! Happy HNT!
Big Dipper
October 6, 2005   05:36 AM PDT
Spectacular :)

Happy HNT
October 6, 2005   05:49 AM PDT
Damn girl, that is gorgeous and sexy as hell!
October 6, 2005   06:12 AM PDT
Beautiful picture!!

Happy HNT!!!
October 6, 2005   07:21 AM PDT
that is a great shot - but the heels make is wonderful :) happy hnt
October 6, 2005   09:31 AM PDT

Happy HNT :D
October 6, 2005   09:35 AM PDT
such a cool it...

October 6, 2005   09:43 AM PDT
beautimous, of course.
October 6, 2005   11:10 AM PDT
That IS a damn fine photo of you!
It is really is beautiful!
October 6, 2005   11:22 AM PDT
That's a great picture!! The angle plays up your long legs! Very sexy...
October 6, 2005   12:41 PM PDT
I love the dimples on your ankles they caught my attention right away. You’re right an absolutely beautiful picture of you, glad you reposted it! Happy HNT
October 6, 2005   01:02 PM PDT
you know you took that picture to show off your new haircut (at the time) its still one of your best pics
October 6, 2005   01:27 PM PDT
er... can't... type... still staring at a beautiful artsy shot! Cheers and happy HNT!
October 6, 2005   02:55 PM PDT
a very nice HNT photo!
Making us happier already!!
October 6, 2005   02:57 PM PDT
You still take my breath away, love.
October 6, 2005   03:38 PM PDT
Mine mine! it's all mine....well and adrian's but mine right now! Woo hoo!

I knew we were internet girlfriends for a reason. Damn baby.

I posted my beer gut for you. That's true love.
October 6, 2005   03:48 PM PDT
great picture - very nice pose

October 6, 2005   07:02 PM PDT
you know, I know I'm the kind of person who can't take a compliment for shit. I had the urge to respond to all the compliments with "but...did you notice..."

but I didn't. instead, I will blush happily, because who doesn't like getting compliments. I will smile gracefully because although it's nudity (almost), it's tasteful, and I'm sure my grandmother would approve. I will also grin like a loon because my honey loves me. and I will grin wickedly because my interweb girlfriend thinks I'm hawt.

dood, despite the rain, my day can't get any better.

thank you for the compliments, one and all.
October 7, 2005   04:58 AM PDT
Holy Crap..... awesome shot. I like the whole thing... the composition, the color, the lighting.... perfect.

Happy HNT
October 7, 2005   08:01 AM PDT

Happy late HNT
shay v.
October 7, 2005   09:05 AM PDT
i love it! very cool, artsy pose!

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