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Sunday, October 02, 2005
do you chat naked?

I've had a few ideas rumbling around in my head for the last week, about posting a deep and thoughtful entry. I've been ruminating on some things but haven't found a way to tie them up neatly in an article of sorts. I miss contributing to intrepid media - the last submission they had from me was the missing vibrator story. Funny, but entirely too long ago.

As I was browsing the interweb tonight from Adrian's work, I checked my stat counter for the first time this week. I like seeing how many countries find me...and the weird things that people search for that somehow get connected with my site. For instance, some poor soul was searching online for an answer to a question one really and truly needs girlfriends and a big glass of wine to answer. "Do anal numbing lubricants work?" leads the questioner to my anal sex advice post, while another poor soul asked MSN search if they should worry if they "draw a blank on a Managerial Cost Accounting test". Something tells me someone may be changing their major quite soon.

But the best one of all, I do believe, was the shock I got clicking through to I chat naked because they were listed as the actual linking site, according to my stat counter. Not someone clicking through from a search - but an actual site that LINKED ME. and they chat naked, apparently.

Of course I had to check it out. It's only natural to be curious. Plus, seriously...I'm shocked and amazed...and terrified of what I'll find.

Basically, it's a service to talk to other naked people who, assumingly, do naked things. Fun. They submit pictures, and this blog is a running commentary on new or older members, etc. If you click on the link above, you should be brought to their current few posts. I'm the link for 'women's blogs' in the September 27th, 2005 post. If this isn't on the first page by the time you look, there isn't an archiving system, but there is a clicky to see previous posts at the bottom of the page.

On a side note, someone also searched MSN to find 'cute ferret pictures' and visited my site. What a crazy world, eh?

** note - so very sorry about the non-clicky linkage. blogdrive is being a PIECE OF SHIT. i'm really fucking tired of it not working properly. and now isn't working properly, either. so I'm not very happy at all, at the moment. not at all.

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