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Friday, September 30, 2005
more half nekkid madness, albeit a bit late

Sorry for the delay of HNT.  I forgot it was Thursday.  And I didn't get out of bed until 1:00 pm.  And I've been babysitting since 2:00 this afternoon.  You see what time it is now?    Alright then.

My newest submission for the follies that are Half Nekkid Thursday comes with a story in tow.  A story about feeding the seagulls and making new friends.  Namely, we made two new friends.  Gimpy Cecilia and Lenin.  I'll tell you about Lenin later. 

First things first - the submission is this:

Yes, I know.  You hate us.  But we love you!  Adrian and I went for a walk last...was it Saturday or Sunday?  We had some bits of bread left over, which I was determined to feed to a goose or a seagull or a baby didn't matter, I wanted to feed something.  He humoured me, of course.  And brought his camera.

Gimpy Cecilia accosted us as we ate our street vendor jumbo hot dogs (completely and fabulously delicious, I might add) and drank our coffees from Starbucks.  She screeched at us quite a few times while bobbing her head up and down - imploring us for bites of our food.  I couldn't manage to feed her any of my hotdog (ew, a carnivorous seagull!?) but I fed her extra pieces of the bun.  And then we went and sat on the beach with a bag full of stale bread.


It's like those free-loaders can SMELL the thought of giving out food on you.  Insanity.  But fun.  Adrian got some really cool action pictures of the birds while I distracted them with nibbles.  I even put a piece of bread on his shoe to entice them nearer.  I also worked up the courage to 'hand-feed' Gimpy Cecilia.  She ate a piece of crust from my hand, but it freaked her out so bad she flew away.  She may have had her fill, though, as she was monopolizing the pieces I threw to the other birds circling nearby.

Say Hi to Gimpy Cecilia!

Posted at 01:23 am by tokitikki

September 30, 2005   04:32 AM PDT
That looks relaxing
September 30, 2005   11:10 AM PDT
Beautiful pic, Happy late HNT!
September 30, 2005   11:24 AM PDT
Beautiful! I love the beach! Happy HNT!
October 2, 2005   08:35 PM PDT
really like your blog, and this photo.
October 5, 2005   05:59 PM PDT
you drank starbucks? how dare you? what's wrong with you?

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